Veterinary Officer


Veterinary Officer 1 Position
Emploi Recruitment

Nyeri, Kenya

Job Description


  • Examine animals and check their health status

  • Diagnose illnesses and determine the best treatment

  • Dress wounds of injured animals

  • Perform dental, ophthalmic and orthopedic surgeries

  • Vaccinate animals to prevent diseases

  • Spay and neuter cats and dogs as needed

  • Prescribe medication

  • Advise pet owners on nutrition, preventive healthcare and general care

  • Conduct home visits occasionally, in case of emergency

  • Update client records

Minimum qualifications

-          Diploma in animal health

-          1 yr experience dealing with layers, chicks,


-          Salary is 15,000 plus free Food and accommodation.

Application Instructions

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Emploi Recruitment
Emploi Recruitment

Nairobi, Kenya

51 - 299 people

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