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Strategy & Consulting
Posted 10 months ago

Job Description

Job Summary

Consultancy to develop a briquette marketing framework that will enhance the sales of briquettes produced by IDP women in Borno State

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

Project Background

Domestic energy remains a challenge for many IDPs and other residents in Maiduguri. Availability and access to fuel, such as firewood or briquettes, is both scarce and difficult to procure (either through purchase, barter or direct gathering). In this regard, GEPaDC has been working with IDP women cooperatives in the last 3 years, building their capacity for production of briquettes, a new form of domestic energy for their use and to sell as a means of income. While the women are benefitting from the usage of the briquettes, sales of this new and unfamiliar item in the market have been low. GEPaDC is seeking a marketing consultant to support the introduction of this new product into the Maiduguri market by developing a marketing plan, supported by a market assessment, that can be carried out by GEPaDC. 


Scope of Work

The overall purpose of the consultancy is to develop a briquette marketing framework that will enhance the sales of briquettes, driven by the 8 cooperatives and their women IDP members.


The consultant(s) will be required to provide an analysis of the present fuel market and develop a detailed costing and marketing plan to provide overall direction to GEPaDCs briquette (fuel-alternative) initiative making it sustainable, efficient and scale-able in the longer term. The plan should be time bound and show clear achievable targets within defined timelines.


The Briquette Market Assessment and Briquette Marketing Plan to have the following sections (at minimum):

1.      Executive summary

2.      Analysis of the market both macro (PESTLE) and micro, target audience/potential customers and competition

3.      Analysis of the project, skill sets, running costs (broken to each services) and gaps thereof

4.      Comparative advantage -SWOT analysis

5.      Marketing strategy/ marketing mix issues and decisions including branding, advertising and media strategy

6.      Resource re-alignment, sales structure and new skill sets

7.      Communication and Promotion materials

8.      Marketing Campaign calender


Tasks to be performed under the consultancy:

2.      Analysis of the market, potential customers

a.      Refine and utilize assessment tools in conjunction with GEPaDC for collecting data (surveys, key stakeholder interviews, etc.) on the fuel market, suppliers, distributors, and potential types of customers, both business and individual

b.      Conduct PESTLE analysis and desk review, including currently published briquette market assessments/ market analysis in Borno State and similar BOP settings as well as interviews with local institutions relevant to domestic energy and food utilization in Borno State (eg, FAO, Mercy Corps, IRC, IOM, etc) and specifically Maiduguri

c.       Assess market size, trends, cycles segments and needs through surveys, interviews, focus group discussions with relevant stakeholders – separated by gender/age). Assess potential customer’s current fuel-consumption practices and their preferences (including their knowledge and attitudes of briquettes) including price sensitivity and accessibility, sellers of briquettes in local communities including women leaders, and other private sector stakeholders in the supply chain (eg, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc).

d.      Provide analysis on target customer segmentation and market entry points for briquettes including medium-term growth potential; identify key stakeholders in the briquette value chain and make recommendations on how to access them and obtain their buy in; Comparative advantage

3.      Current project analysis

a.      Consult GEPaDC staff on business goals, resource availability and constraints, activities and current supply chain partners;

b.      Support GEPaDC to refine their business strategy based on market analysis results

4.      Comparative Advantage, including SWOT analysis

a.      Lead SWOT analysis session with GEPaDC staff

b.      Conduct a competition analysis to identify opportunities and constraints of the value chains and strategies on optimizing the opportunities and minimizing the constraints

c.       Develop offering and differentiators based on assessed information

5.      Marketing Strategy and Marketing tools to promote sales

a.      Consult with GEPaDC staff to assess current marketing strategies and their effectiveness

b.      Consult with GEPaDC to develop consistent effective messaging for different market segments in line with the refined business strategy, including marketing mix, segmentation and pricing for sales

c.       Identify key barriers to briquette marketing and how to remove these barriers according to segments

d.      Support/Lead brand development, including logo and packaging, design of visual marketing materials and other forms of advertising as well as strategic positioning of advertising efforts, including public relations support

6.      Resource re-alignment, sales structure

a.      Determine sales and buying process, based on current sales experience in Maiduguri – urban district

b.      Review and refine pricing (and service) structures based on competitive analysis and sector trends

c.       Determine capacity building required for required skill sets to enable successful sales

7.      Communication and Promotion materials (to market briquettes)

a.      Based on effectiveness of current marketing content, determine appropriate marketing materials to be developed (both digital and print); develop sample marketing content (flyer, press release, sign, business cards, banners, and digital marketing materials.

b.      Provide a communications strategy summary including specific marketing activities, to which segments, and utilizing which marketing tools

c.       Advise on customer service strategy

8.      Develop a marketing campaign calendar

a.      Work with GEPaDC staff to develop a realistic work plan to implement the marketing plan


The consultancy will employ a variety of methodological approaches, to be discussed and agreed upon by GEPaDC and the consultant including key stakeholder interviews (phone/in person), surveys, and review of available market assessments. GEPaDC will make available their current resources, tools and knowledge to support the consultant, as well as staff time for sessions within the organization and some field visits. The consultant, however, will be spearheading the process. Division of time and priortisation of efforts will also be discussed in order to ensure efforts are placed accordingly so that objectives can be achieved in a timely manner.

Professional ethics should be strictly followed during the consultancy to ensure do-no-harm for all stakeholders, including GEPaDC, such as obtaining clear consent from participants and stakeholders and protecting the anonymity and confidentiality of participants when necessary.


The expected end product of this assignment will be (1) a complete Briquette Market Assessment and Briquette Marketing Plan (Items 1-8) clearly detailing tasks and responsibilities for implementation of the plan; (2) A value chain diagram of the briquette market (3) a brief means of measuring performance; (4) As an Annex, all tools used such as surveys, interview questions, focus group questions and methodology, list of materials and reports consulted (bibliography) and organizations/ persons interviewed.


The above deliverables must be completed within 22 working days from the start date. Within the 22 days, the consultant shall commit to the following activities:

(1)   Preparatory activities/information gathering in the field - Initial consultations with GEPaDC staff to gather GEPaDC background resources and materials, determine which information gathering tools to use (1 day) and whom to contact.  PESTLE analysis and desk review; Site visits and interviews with key stakeholders and focus groups; Data analysis, Draft market analysis

(2)   Consultations with GEPaDC staff on analysing current project and strategies, conducting SWOT, refining messaging, etc

(3)   Designing advertising, communications and promotion materials (in tandem with consultations with GEPaDC staff)

(4)   Drafting and editing written deliverables/plan (in tandem with consultations with GEPaDC staff). The marketing assessment and marketing plan should be written section-wise, focusing on providing information and analysis as succinctly as possible (tables, bullet points). The Market Assessment PESTLE should be brief, as an overview while tables and bullet points can be used for other sections.  The Marketing Plan will be used as a reference source and therefore must be quickly digestible.

(5)   Share deliverables with key GEPaDC staff for questions and comments; incorporate comments and modification from GEPaDC staff and finalize report/deliverables

(6)   Presentation (PPT) to GEPaDC management staff of Market Assessment and Plan - Recording of feedback and incorporating changes into plan (2 days)

(7)   Final compilation – submitting all deliverables to GEPaDC (1 day)

Payment Schedule

·         20% after signing of contract

·         30% on submission of the first draft for GEPaDC review

50 % on submission of final deliverables.

The ideal candidate will have:

·         Prior experience conducting market analyses, market assessments and developing marketing strategies, marketing plans and communication materials.

·         Experience introducing new products into markets, especially BOP markets

·         Familiarity with the fuel market of Maiduguri and the non-profit sector

·         Experience working with diverse cultural and skills backgrounds

·         Strong English writing and communication skills. Ability to speak and write Nigerian local languages

·         Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, PPT at minimum)

·         BA/B.Sc/B.Ed in Marketing, business administration or other relevant field . Significant experience in lieu of education will also be considered. 


Application Requirements:

  • §  Resume/Curriculum Vitae for consultant and any team members, highlighting relevant experience
  • §  Profile of the consultant (max 1 page) /Cover letter justifying why they are the most suitable for the consultancy, referencing prior consultancies.
  • §  Technical proposals outlining expected deliverables and timelines, (2pages max)
  • §  3 professional references
  • §  Writing sample /Work sample
  • Daily rate
Application Instructions

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