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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Description

Pharmaceutical Technologist at Nairobi Hospital

Reporting to the Chief Physiotherapist, the successful candidates will be responsible for the following amongst others:

  • Conducting evaluation and assessment of patients having physical disabilities, disorders or injuries.
  • Identifying treatment goals and appropriate therapy techniques and equipment to achieve the goals.
  • Planning for the most efficient and most effective treatment regime.
  • Carrying out the rehabilitative program and designate the party to carry out treatment plan, e.g. patient, employee, ward staff, family members etc.
  • Conducting regular evaluation of patients to assess progress and response to therapy and revise treatment program where necessary to achieve goals.
  • Participating in treatment team meeting with Doctors, nurses and other physiotherapists in order to provide information regarding patient assessment and to further coordinate treatment goals and programs.
  • Advising and recommending to referring doctors on necessary interventions and/or change of management,
  • Developing treatment plan to be followed by patient after discharge, advising the importance of continuing physiotherapy after discharge, and organizing their physiotherapy appointments.
  • Instructing patient, families and other professionals in treatment techniques and exercises outlined in the program.
  • Writing initial reports of results on evaluation of patient’s physical condition and preparing written treatment plan.
  • Providing statistical information by preparing year-end summaries on patients treated and their conditions and progress.
  • Conducting educational sessions on therapy treatment.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • Diploma in Physiotherapy.
  • One (1) year work experience.
  • Registered with the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists.
  • Possession of valid annual practicing license.
  • Good communication skills, honest, good interpersonal skills.
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Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi, Kenya

300 - 10000 people

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