Swimming Pool Attendant


Swimming Pool Attendant 1 Position
Nairobi Technical Training Institute

Nairobi, Kenya

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Hospitality, Tourism & Travel
Posted 5 days ago

Job Description

Nairobi Technical Training Institute is a public tertiary institution under the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational and Technical Training. The Institute receives full support from the Government through grants, training equipment, and personnel. 

Academic and Proffesional Experience

  • KSCE mean grade cMinus and above
  • Certificate of live saving
  • National water safety and sanitation certification council
  • National pool lifeguard qualification
  • Kenya coaches association certificate

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensures all users are registerd prior in using the pool
  • Ensure the swimming pool is clean and constant monitoring of the pool activities
  • Provide swimming lessons and training as required
  • Report accidents ,injuries and unsafe conditions

other Requirements

  • Valid certificate of good conduct
  • tax compliance certificate
  • HELB clearance
  • EACC compliance certificate


Application Instructions

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Nairobi Technical Training Institute
Nairobi Technical Training Institute

Nairobi, Kenya

300 - 10000 people

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