Roaming, Interconnect And Carrier Assurance Officer/specialist


Roaming, Interconnect And Carrier Assurance Officer/specialist 1 Position

Gitega, Burundi

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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description
  1.  Job Description


The main mission will be to manage commercial arrangements and relationships with key mobile telco operators and carriers, to detect, analyze and solve any technical problems related to interconnection and roaming, but also the detection of fraud and  leaks throughout the revenue chain, their accounting assessment, the recovery of sums, and above all the implementation for palliative and corrective actions that prevent repetition.


  1. Key responsibilities


  • Manage international agreements with key partners, assist in providing technical & commercial inputs on all interconnection related areas such as interconnection, co-location, facility sharing, carrier pre-selection.
  • Manage commercial arrangements for international traffic and roaming services, negotiate with partners to ensure competitive interconnection rates.
  • Manage the Roaming and the Interconnection service activities.
  • Supervise the Billing/Accounting of both Roaming and Interconnection services
  • Manage Roaming tests and follow- ups on problems
  • Coordinate the commercial launch with internal and external concerned parties
  • Establish and manages the Roaming database
  • Prepare the interconnection policies for the company
  • Coordinate with other departments of the company on Interconnection matters like quality of service (QoS) etc.
  • Develop and manage roaming agreements & settlement process.
  • Develop and maintain inter-carrier relations.
  • Implementing new interconnects and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) if required, with operators ensuring regulatory compliance and commercial objectives.
  • Defining and implementing key strategic initiatives including interconnection for next generation voice and messaging services and other communication services.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal obligations for wholesale interconnect services as applicable.
  • Inputting into business planning assumptions for interconnects costs and revenues.
  • Providing commercial support and expertise to other areas of the company in respect of interconnection affairs.
  • Interfacing with the Interconnect Billing and Settlements team to ensure all rates are invoiced and settled correctly.
  • Coordinating dispute resolution with interconnecting parties.
  • Liaising with engineering teams for fault resolution, capacity planning, relevant technical standards Conduct root cause analysis for all KPIs beyond admissible parameters, etc.
  • Work with roaming partners and internal stakeholders to identify and address roaming issues as per the agreed service contract.
  • Coordinating and managing all RA operational activities, overseeing the effective execution of all operational controls and processes to detect, correct and prevent revenue losses.
  • Plan and coordinate with roaming partners’ voice, data, Camel (prepayment), LTE, billing (TADIG), to broaden the roaming income base.
  • Proactively manage the implementation, restoration and validation of carrier rates in accordance with the strategy/business priorities.
  • Track the use of IR21 documents received from roaming partners to specify the required network data change work orders to ensure inbound and outbound roaming continuity.
  • Own all RA policies, procedures and ensure that they are applied properly and consistently.
  • Proactively search for the telecommunications industry's best RA practices to identify opportunities for improved RA controls and processes.
  • Assist in the effective design and evaluation of the matrix of existing FM and RA process.
  • Analyze, investigate and propose strategies to fight against telecom fraud
  • Plan and ensure effective auditing of fraud and revenue of operators’ network
  • Master the RA technology environment required to support Revenue Assurance operations.
  • Work effectively with data implementation and billing teams to ensure all configurations are on the network.
  • Make sure the customer is on the right roaming partner, in accordance with the agreements.
  • Help investigate roaming fraud by reviewing data and providing tangible evidence used by roaming partners to defraud.
  • Assist customers in making the necessary configurations on all affected roaming equipment.
  • Support IREG testers on problems encountered during the tests.
  • Supervise the accounting and cash aspects of roaming, followed by unpaid debts (operator/country risk), and followed by the payment of discounts (financial discounts negotiated in roaming contracts).
  • Own and facilitate the definition of the needs required to improve and maintain the RA technology environment. The definition of needs can be used by the technology team to design and implement the required functionality.
  • Assist and work with relevant stakeholders by providing the information required to carry out fraud investigations.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with other departments to facilitate the transfer of information and develop the culture of mitigating risk of loss of income within the organization
  • Provide advice on income assurance, taking into account the overall environment and the company's best practices. Share information about the role of Revenue Assurance by showing its added value.
  • Understand and maintain RA solutions to advise on the development and improvement of technology.
  • Manage fraud investigations.
  • Act as a technical roaming expert on new projects, whether in the design, testing or implementation phase.
  • Provide 24/7 on-call support for interconnect and roaming incidents, providing timely information to all stakeholders involved.
  • Propose strategies to increase revenues and reduce roaming costs and interconnect costs
  • Produce the report on the production, analysis and accuracy of daily, weekly, monthly, KPIs and surveys reports.
  • Carry out any other (not defined above) task as assigned by the line manager or required under special circumstances in relation to interconnection, roaming, fraud and revenue assurance areas.


  1. Technical skills


  • Experience of managing commercial arrangements with third parties.
  • Understanding of how mobile and fixed telecommunications networks are run from a technical standpoint.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and initiatives.
  • Ability to pick up new concepts and understand the commercial implications of these.
  • High Standard of written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical skills with attention to detail.
  • Ability to project influence with diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • An explorer and collaborative team player.
  • Customer focus.
  • Experience of managing commercial interconnect arrangements.
  • Understanding the telecommunications regulatory framework.
  • Knowledge of commercial legislation regarding contracts and the telecommunication legislation.
  • Financial / Excel Spreadsheet experience.
  • Knowledge of Telecommunications, Billings and Debt Management, Network Infrastructure, Systems Audit.
  • Prior experience of IREG and TADIG standard GSMA test cases.
  • In-depth knowledge of roaming services (2G, 3G, LTE), SS7 and MAP protocols.
  • Understanding the operational needs of roaming billing and traffic routers.
  • General knowledge of GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE infrastructures.
  • Knowledge of SS7 protocols (ISUP, INAP, MAP, CAMEL Diameter...), and TCP/IP.
  • Database or OS (Unix) Programming, DB Interrogation or DB/OS Management Skills
  • IT related Roaming Functions:
  • Roaming Call detection by Mediation
  • Roaming Call Rating
  • Tap File Encoding
  • Tap File Exchange
  • Tap File Decoding
  • Maintain the setup of International Roaming Billing, Wholesale billing and Retail billing.
  • Responsible to maintain the actual CDR flows with mediation and billing, implementation of the relations with the Data Clearing House, Financial Clearing House and validating the retail billing system.
  • Perform TADIG testing (Billing Testing for Roaming Relationships).
  • Liaise any service implementation between providers and Finance teams.
  • Responsible to prepare regular reports for management and act as a Point of Contact for any billing issues.
  • Always keep up to date on Industry developments that may have future impact on roaming billing
  • Strong experience in MS Office and Advanced Excel.
  • MIS and the reporting for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly as and when required


  1. Profile


  • At least Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Telecoms / Business Administration Option Finance or Audit, Master in above-mentioned field would be an advantage.
  • Background from a Mobile Operator
  • 5+ years’ experience in managing interconnections & roaming agreements.
  • Experience in fraud management and revenue assurance in the field of telecommunications with capacity of managing and supervising a team in a complex and technology-oriented environment.
  • Good knowledge and experience of wholesale business.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of wholesale and retail billing, interconnect settlement.
  • Vast Knowledge of Roaming Business and Current Trends in Roaming:
  • Managing and Initiating Roaming Agreements
  • Roaming Clearing House Functions
  • Tap File Management
  • Roaming Inter Partner Settlement
  • A bilingual profile is highly sought after (French and English).


  1. Attitude and skills


  • Innovative.
  • Teamwork spirit.
  • Integrity.
  • Availability.
  • Organized.
  • Analysis and communications skills.
  • Passionate with having proper processes running perfectly.
  • Trustworthy and honest.
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Gitega, Burundi

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