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Real Estate Commercial Director 1 Position
Liphimar Human Capital Ltd

Nairobi, Kenya

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Job Description

Liphimar Human Capital Ltd is a Human Resource Solutions firm with deep experience, connectivity and capability to drive human resource functions. Liphimar has a dynamic team of HR professionals who have decades of experience in HR and Management practice. 

Directors report to the Executive Committee and CEO

This position is not for the faint of heart; the commercial director will head the sales and marketing department for a technology-driven and integrated real estate developer, manufacturer, and builder in a top-five emerging market in the world.

The Commercial Director is all hustle and no-frills; this is a sales position at its core, with one ear on the ground and a finger on the pulse of the market.

The name of the game is selling truly affordable homes to anyone and everyone that previously couldn’t afford them.

The role manages the total campaign, from the team of sales agents, to the budget that is spent on marketing, to planning the calendar of events; it is also cross-functional, working alongside and within communications, public relations and promotional activities selected to support sales and enhance the brand.

This includes the design, production, and distribution of promotional materials such as brochures, ads, corporate outreach, face-to-face, and direct response plus radio and television spots needed for broadcast campaigns.

The director will also manage speaking engagements, special events, and community outreach activities and special events in the communities we build such as mixers and open-houses.

Website control, social media participation, and trade show exhibitions represent additional tasks supervised and/or participated in.


  • We seek candidates with a strong marketing acumen as demonstrated by education and experience.
  • Those with demonstrated experience in marketing, sales, or communications get consideration, but you’ll need to have a serious track record in residential and/or commercial real estate sales with massive success, big energy, and experience leading a team to get a clear edge.

Skills and Attributes

  • Someone who meets our criteria will have juggled multiple projects, participated in the sale of communities comprised of hundreds of homes, demanding buyers, demanding bosses, and a fast-paced work environment, that requires skill and dedication.
  • Well organized, with strong customer service, writing, and presentation skills, the director will have technical proficiency in a variety of software programs, including Excel, budgeting, and others integral to desktop publishing and website maintenance.
  • An ability to lead the marketing team and work with vendors, and create a real story about what it is we do will make you win



Application Instructions

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Liphimar Human Capital Ltd
Liphimar Human Capital Ltd

Nairobi, Kenya

2 - 50 people

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