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Fraud And Revenue Assurance Analyst 1 Position

Gitega, Burundi

Job Description
  1. Job Purpose


The primary focus of Fraud and Revenue Assurance analyst is to identify revenue related risks and maximize revenue opportunities by leveraging analytics of statistical data.

Ensure the processes and controls are established and work effectively to mitigate risk of revenue losses by preventing or detecting revenue leakage across the revenue cycle.

Responsible for revenue optimization through ensuring revenue-based business rules are in place.

Responsible to ensure all RA KPI’s are monitored adequately and reported in time for respective function (Customer Acquisition, Rating / Billing and Channel Partner Management, Product & offer management, application controls, etc.)  for Mobile money & Enterprise revenue streams.

Able to detect fraudulent sessions. Work with management to implement security and fraud management standards, policies, and procedures to manage and minimize the risk of fraud and revenue leakage.

Establish an effective control environment and risk framework with all revenue related risks and exposures timely addressed the mitigation of all fraud losses by implementing key controls to identify the leakages at the organization.


  1. Principal Accountabilities


  • Conduct forensic investigations to identify unknown revenue issues or establish the cause of known revenue issues.
  • Monitor telecommunication charging and billing data for potentially fraudulent activity including international revenue fraud, traffic pumping, call forwarding, bypass fraud, prepaid fraud, and other identified risks.
  • To investigate the deviation from the expected trend in revenue and work with process to minimize the deviation. Advise the business on current trends regarding chargeback-related issues and regulations.
  • Ensure effective and efficient Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management (RAFM) Tools and Applications implementation.
  • Automate maximum number of controls for effective closure of observations.
  • Ensure all audit points are driven to closure in a timely manner with all observations impacting revenue acted on.
  • Management reporting of Key KPIs and reporting of all incidents as per the agreed timelines.
  • Driving key Projects as part of revenue maximization initiatives.
  • Cross-functional engagement to close open observations on periodic basis.
  • Propose modifications and enhancement of information, processes, systems, technology, or organization to correct and minimize detected errors.
  • Identify and track current fraud trends by reviewing session and call data.
  • Investigate forgery and theft within customers’ accounts and transactions on behalf of the service provider with a key focus on mobile financial services.
  • Identify and trace any suspicious or high-risk transactions, determine if there is improper activity involved, and determine if there is any risk to the business or its customers.
  • Coordinate information requests and analyze performance reporting to identify potential risk areas and escalate resource needs as necessary. Perform data management and analysis on fraud cases.
  • Effectively communicate with appropriate authorities to resolve fraud concerns.
  • Generate reports to the business on detection, correction and prevention of fraud and revenue loss and guide the business on implementation of the same.
  • Develop and maintain models for analyzing fraud within the business to determine patterns of fraud, identify gaps in process and security and recommend improvements.
  • Plan and ensure effective auditing of fraud and revenue of operators’ network.
  • Test and provide feedback on process and system improvements that are based on changing fraud trends and patterns.
  • Work closely with internal functions including Disputes, Recoveries, Customer Service, and Compliance.
  • Work with internal teams to develop and implement policies and management procedures to reduce risk of revenue loss from daily operational processes. Provide practical recommendations to mitigate identified audit risks and improve the control environment.
  • Work with internal teams to Implement tools and processes for investigating, comparing, and auditing processes and data to help the business establish the root cause behind detected errors and deviations.
  • Document concise and quality audit reports which are acceptable to management and our customers.
  • Conduct management requested audit as per the Internal Audit Methodology and present a report to management.
  • Conduct audits on customer focused services management functions such as incidence management and report inefficiencies which may results to poor customer service.
  • Ensure that provided recommendations address the root cause and improve customer service.
  • Enable skills and knowledge transfer to colleagues within the audit team.
  • Mentor subordinates and ensure that they acquire the necessary skill through formal and on the job training to enable succession planning.
  • Participate in team building activities and social events to build cohesion amongst team members. 
  • Work closely with service providers, review their work, and build relationships to ensure that they provide quality services aligned with best practice.
  • Ensure that all audit workpapers and reports are updated on SharePoint once an audit is completed.
  • Document comprehensive system narratives relating to Revenue Assurance processes which are currently used by the business.
  • Work together with team members and colleagues within the organization and assist with the understanding of the current Revenue Assurance processes.
  • Decide on the approach of the review to be conducted in line with the Internal Audit Methodology and in consultation with the Supervisor.
  • Provide assurance relating to the completeness of Revenue related risks.
  • Provide audit scope for Fraud and Revenue Assurance and conduct reviews as per the agreed audit scope; where there are changes of scope communicate it accordingly.
  • Conduct combined assurance reviews where possible.
  • Collaborate with audit members within the team and from other OPCOs to provide better coverage of assurance.
  • Work effectively with data implementation and billing teams to ensure all configurations are on the network.
  • Develop and ensure full compliance to Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Risk Framework.
  • Oversee the implementation of revenue assurance strategy and conduct revenue assurance reviews across functions responsible for revenue mapping and creation of streams as per the agreed frequency.
  • Ensure a robust product assurance process is in place to ensure quality products including accurate billing, rating, and accounting.
  •  Support in investigations of fraud incidents, defining reporting standards, providing analysis and insight into industry emerging risks, trends, and common themes.
  • Monitor revenues, transactions, and margins along the revenue life cycle to minimize any intentional or unintentional leakages in a proactive manner.
  •  Support compliance with regulatory obligations whilst taking a commercial and practical approach to risk-based challenges and offer appropriate solutions.
  •  Strengthen the control environment to proactively identify revenue leakage and fraud exposure
  • Support business on revenue maximization.
  • Perform daily fraud related transactional investigative/analytical activities.
  •  Facilitate closure/escalation of day-to-day critical Operational tasks defined.
  • Proactively manage the implementation, restoration, and validation of carrier rates in accordance with the strategy/business priorities.
  • Own all RA policies, procedures and ensure that they are applied properly and consistently.
  • Search for the telecommunications industry's best RA practices to identify opportunities for improved RA controls and processes.
  • Assist in the effective design and evaluation of the matrix of existing FM and RA process.
  • Ensure all audit points are driven to closure in a timely manner with all observations impacting revenue acted on.
  • Automate maximum number of controls for effective closure of observations which are beyond RAFM tool.
  • Maintain productive relationships with suppliers and other departments.
  • Accountable to ensure that confidential information at their disposal is not leaked.
  • Provide and assure correctness of revenue reports and associated direct and indirect costs on approved intervals.
  • Analyze relevant data and produce meaningful reports capturing root cause analysis of the issues identified, magnitude of the issue and the recommended solution for the same.
  • Regularly monitor the fraud alarms, identify frauds, and execute appropriate action to arrest the fraud.
  • Create rules in the fraud management system to generate alarms for potential frauds.
  • Identify the potential fraud risks and suggest appropriate controls for the same.
  • Analyze and propose process improvements wherever necessary to the line manager.
  • Perform dispute reconciliation arising from carrier billing settlement and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Provide on-the-job training and guidance to colleagues in specific data-related tasks where appropriate.
  • Network design verification.
  • Support Network audit.
  • Ensuring regulatory standards are met.
  • On-time reporting to direct Line Manager.
  • Work on tasks assigned by Line Manager.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Any other tasks assigned by Supervisor.


  1. Personal Attributes


  • Keen and analytical with an eye for details.
  • Self-driven with the ability to work independently.
  • Creative and results oriented with a focus on achieving set targets.
  • An excellent communicator with good interpersonal and team building skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Flexible and responsive to changing work demands.
  • Ability to arouse Self-Curiosity based on new events, concluding meaningful patterns, and deriving Knowledge from the same events where applicable.
  • Self-learning and resourceful.
  • Strong time management and organizational skills.


  1. Experience and skills


  • At least 5 years’ experience in Banking or Telecommunications Operations Fraud Prevention and Detection.
  • At least 3 years’ experience using Analytics techniques in Linear and Logistic Regression, Clustering Techniques, Neural Network, Decision Trees, etc.
  • A minimum of 6 years Risk management experience in a large organization, 3 of which should be in Telecom Revenue Assurance.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in Auditing or involved in Technical Audits.
  • At least 3+ years of Fraud Analyst experience.
  • Experience in conducting Revenue Assurance assignments in a Telecommunication organization.
  • Experience in Telecom Billing/IT/Finance.
  • Advanced level skills on MS Excel, and good knowledge of SQL.
  • Competent in writing SQL/Oracle scripts for reporting.
  • Good working knowledge of building reports using Access, Excel, and Business Objects.
  • A financial background as well as exposure to accounting or accounting systems is considered a plus.
  • Detailed understanding of 3GPP telecommunication networks operations.
  • Possess the ability to identify, assess, monitor, control, and mitigate risks.
  • Advanced analysis and organizing competence.
  • Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework for telecommunication services, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to Fraud Risk Management.
  • Familiarity with wide array of Fraud Analysis tools, applications, and solutions.
  • Good knowledge of fraud management and investigations
  • The knowledge to work with machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence will be added advantage.
  • Experience in Linux environment with Programming skill will be a plus.
  • Use of Sound Revenue Assurance or Fraud Management Platforms from Management/Business/Reporting Perspective is an added advantage.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform linkage across multiple transactional sources.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform investigations: data gathering, analysis, and reporting.
  • Familiarity with Fraud transaction monitoring systems and procedures.
  • Sound knowledge of data analytics across multiple transactional sources.


  1. Educational Qualifications


University Degree in Accounting, Computer Science, Finance, Forensics, Business, Banking, Law or Criminal Justice. Professional qualifications in Database administration, programming knowledge and Offensive Cybersecurity certifications like CEH, OSCA and OSCP are an added advantage.

A relevant professional qualification e.g., CIA, ACCA, CPA, CISA or equivalent.

Membership to a relevant professional body e.g., IIA, CPA or equivalent.

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Gitega, Burundi

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