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Customer Experience 1 Position
Olivado EPZ

Nairobi, Kenya

Job Description

Olivado oil ranges include our delicious avocado oils, with many of our avocados being sourced from fair-trade plants in Kenya.

We are looking for a customer experience to join our team.

Reports to Business Analytics Manager

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Receive, send and record all phone calls, emails and SMS sent on behalf of and to the company.
  • Attracts potential farmers by answering product and service questions and suggesting information about other products and services such as Orchard management services.
  • Receive and record any complaints from farmers and other stakeholders and assign the action point to the responsible action owners and reviewers.
  • Provide current and any updates on payments and harvest; provide farmers statements. Communicate any issues urgently to the business analytics manager.
  • Prepare, print and issue farmers statements on a regular and timely basis.
  • Update competitor and price matrix reports.
  • Work with Field technical officer to resolve any field, compliance and technical farmer related issues.
  • Work with a team to assist the field team to make the most efficient.
  • Administrative work for all the departments in the organization based on needs and availability
  • Any other duties assigned by the line manager.

Education and Skills

  • A certificate in human behaviour, organizational behaviour.
  • Fluent in Kikuyu, Swahili and English
Application Instructions

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Olivado EPZ
Olivado EPZ

Nairobi, Kenya

51 - 299 people

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