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Chief Accountant At Kopakama 1 Position
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Kigali, Rwanda

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KOPAKAMA is a cooperative of small coffee growers founded in 1998 with the general objective of improving coffee production in quantity and quality. By now it has two coffee washing stations and one dry mill, process coffee cherries up to green coffee, and sell it at local and international markets. The cooperative is composed of 1062 members who are located in Rutsiro and Karongi Districts. Thus, it is looking for the recruitment of a full-time Chief

Accountant (1 position).


The chief accountant of the KOPAKAMA cooperative will discharge the responsibilities which are divided into three functions such as administrative and financial management, human resources management, and accounting.

Administrative and financial management

  • Ensure the application of administrative, financial and accounting procedures;
  • Participate in the implementation of the strategic plan and action plans;
  • Participate in the preparation of budgets for various activities (activities of buying and selling coffee and other projects);
  • Control and verify the execution follow-up of the budgets of various activities;
  • Maintain the fixed assets file;
  • Prepare periodic financial monitoring reports;
  • Prepare regular activity reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) for the different activities of the cooperative (Coffee buying and selling activities and other projects);
  • Control and verify tax returns, source deductions, and social security contributions.

Human resource management

  • Participate in the recruitment of staff (permanent, temporary and occasional) of the cooperative;
  • Ensure that personnel files are kept up to date;
  • Prepare and verify the statements and payslips;
  • Prepare and monitor the payment of staff salaries;
  • Organize regular staff meetings for planning and monitoring activities (weekly or monthly);
  • Analyze and report on staff needs;
  • Participate in the evaluation of the other agents of the cooperative.


  • Ensure the management of the organization’s assets;
  • Prepare regular cash flow plans and ensure their execution;
  • Monitor the execution of budgets for various activities;
  • Set up and monitor an inventory management system (Coffee and office supplies inventories);
  • Manage all KOPAKAMA bank accounts;
  • Bank reconciliation of all KOPAKAMA bank accounts;
  • Establish supporting documents for expenditure and cash inflows and outflows;
  • Daily record all accounting operations in specific journals;
  • Ensure daily control of the KOPAKAMA cash register;
  • Collect the statements of needs and prepare all the documents necessary for the disbursement/collection of funds;
  • Make regular financial reports (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly);
  • Participate in weekly meetings at the beginning of the week or the month to plan and evaluate the cooperative’s activities;
  • Ensure the execution of daily and weekly activities planned by the accounting department;
  • Produce the day’s closing report on the financial and cash position;
  • Classify and archive supporting documents for accounting operations;
  • Manage the files of the partners of the cooperative and make regular reports regarding the finance part;
  • Establish tax returns, source deductions, and social security contributions;
  • Execute any other task at the request of his superior.


  1. A bachelor’s degree in accounting/Finance or other related fields, with at least second class upper division mention
  2. Having experience of three years at least as an accountant in production and trading company
  3. Must have good knowledge of using a computer
  4. Must have good knowledge in using accounting software (quick books, sage, …)
  5. Must have impeccable integrity and diligence
  6. Demonstrate the ability to work successfully under pressure
  7. Be a Rwandan citizen
  8. Fluent in spoken and written English and/or French (knowledge of both languages is an advantage, and Kinyarwanda
  9. Accepting to live and work in the rural area


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