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Anesthetic Officer At Cure Children’s Hospital Of Uganda 1 Position
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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

Job Description


Job Title : Anesthetic Officer
Reports Directly to : Anesthesiologist In-Charge
Department : Anesthesiology

Job Purpose
To provide operative anesthesia and ensure an efficient, effective and safe procedure for both emergency and elective surgical cases, including pre and post-operative patient care

Key Result Areas Activities
Patient Care
1. Contributes to devotional time prior to surgery.
2. Follows instructions when given by supervising anesthesia provider.
3. Maintains confidentiality of all CURE patient records and only discusses patient data that is pertinent to the involved health care provider.
4. Assists in the PACU as needed.
5. Protects the patient from harm utilizing proper positioning techniques and is an advocate for the patient’s welfare.

Training and Personal development
1. Displays a willingness to learn new skills, concepts, etc.
2. Attempts to keep current in anesthesia by reading anesthesia literature, attending seminars, etc.
3. Adequately completes orientation which includes but is not limited to ECG interpretation, monitors, Drager anesthesia machines, anesthetic drugs unfamiliar to practitioner, policies and procedures of CCHU.
4. Seeks new learning experiences and shows a desire to learn new skills.
5. Seeks opportunities to teach colleagues both clinically and didactically with regards to pediatric advanced life support, anesthesia, & pain management.

Communication and interpersonal relations ship
1. Demonstrates a positive rapport and cooperative work relationship with associates.
2. Demonstrates a caring, Christ-like attitude toward staff, patients, and their families.
3. Communicates effectively with other disciplines

1. Reports to shift on time.
2. Renders quality anesthesia care regardless of patient’s tribal origin, gender, race, religion, disease process, or financial status.
3. Verifies a valid surgical/anesthesia consent has been obtained from the patient (age 18 or older), parent or legal guardian as required by law or institutional policy.
4. Maintains competency of anesthesia practice in accordance with professional standards established by the profession.
5. Participates in resuscitation of patient when required.
6. Keeps an accurate narcotic count and record.
Patient Management
1. Assists in preoperative anesthesia evaluation of patients and orders necessary lab work/consultation.
2. Reviews preoperative patient chart for pertinent lab work, history and physical, vital sign chart, fluid status and medication sheet.
3. Consistently utilizes appropriate monitors and constantly monitors patient intraoperative. Is able to correlate data from monitor to patient’s clinical condition.
4. Safely performs induction, maintenance & emergence of general anesthesia.
5. Manages the patient airway adequately utilizing the mask, bagvalve mask, intubation, LMA, and other emergency airway procedures.
6. Participates in airway management – mask ventilation, laryngoscopy Checks the anesthesia machine, oxygen supply, suction, and is prepared to manage the airway, and insertion of LMAs.
7. Accurately manages fluid resuscitation in the pediatric patient.
8. Performs and maintains various regional anesthesia techniques.
9. Safely transfers the post op patient and accurately reports surgical/anesthesia data to PACU nurse.
10. Assesses and implements pain management in the post-operative recovery period
11. Identifies actual and potential patient problems that may occur intra & post operatively.
12. Accurately and thoroughly charts pertinent patient information pre, intra, and post operatively.

Spiritual Ministry
1. Participates in the hospital’s Spiritual Ministry programs.
Occupation Health and Safety
1. All staff are expected to work in such a way that does not cause injury to themselves, other staff members or customers.
2. Following & complying with H&S policies, processes & applying them to their own work activities, including using/wearing Personal Protective Equipment as required.
3. Participating in activities directed at preventing harm & promoting well-being in the workplace Identifying, reporting & self-managing hazards where appropriate.
4. Early and accurate reporting of incidents at work and raising issues of concern when identified.
Other duties
1. Other official related duties that may be assigned by Supervisor.

Job Requirements
1. Masters in Medicine in Anesthesiology or its equivalent from a recognized institution
2. 1 year of experience in an anesthesiologist role.
3. Must be registered with the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council
4. Desire to research and advance the field.
5. Compassionate attitude with a focus on outstanding patient care.
6. Excellent communication skills to listen and speak with patients and colleagues.
7. Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
8. Keen attention to detail.
9. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and oftentimes high-pressure environment.

Academic Qualification
1. Must have a higher Diploma in Anesthesia from a recognized institution.
Professional Qualification
1. Must have served for at least 3 years as an anesthetic Officer
2. Registered with Uganda Allied Health Professionals ‘Council
1. Ability to get on well with the diverse anesthetic work force.
2. Good knowledge in the professional of anesthesia
3. Good communication skills
4. Ability to administer and take instruction.
5. Good organizational and supervisory skills.
6. Continued self-development in new knowledge and skills to improve safety.

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