Terms and Conditions

What is EMPLOI?

EMPLOI is a SAAS Enabled Marketplace Platform for integrated talent acquisition, management, and Growth. It's your online career advisory and employment service with a tailored twist. With EMPLOI, users can dream about the future, plan their careers, learn new skills and competencies, and find jobs that match their unique talent and profile. EMPLOI allows employers to attract vast talents, find candidates that match their requirements, conduct fast headhunting, and continuously keep their staff skills up to date with the current job market demands.

What are these Terms about?

These EMPLOI Service Terms and condition are information that may be presented amid the Service (collectively "Terms" governing Your (later on referred to as "You," "Your" or "End User") access and use of the Service, Site, Content, and software (collectively the "Service"). You are presumed to have accepted the terms through registration and usage of the service or any portion.

The Terms establishes an agreement between You and EMPLOI Ltd with its address at Even Business Park, Airport North Rd, Nairobi, Kenya, including its affiliates and suppliers (collectively "EMPLOI"), defining Your ("End User") and EMPLOI's rights and responsibilities concerning service provision.

Your access and usage of the services should comply with the terms and any relevant local, state, national, or international rules, laws, and regulations.

Who can use the Service?

The registration can either be as an individual user (Individual) under the Job-seeker category or as a company, organization, government, or other legal entity users (collective organization) under the employer category.

To use the Service, You must be of legal age, i.e., eighteen (18) years of age. If you accept these Terms and use the Service under an entity you serve, you have to affirm that you are certified to do so.

Registration and termination of service Usage

Registration and creation of an EMPLOI account with a username and a password may be required for the service's access and usage. Personal information or information concerning the company that you serve may be required. EMPLOI will verify Your email address before the account can be used. In the case of Organizations, EMPLOI may also validate the company identity (Company ID) with local authorities' help.

The creation of an EMPLOI Account will depend upon the transmission of data. The transmission of data costs may apply and are borne by the End User. The Website allows minimal and restricted access to the services for unregistered users.

You agree to provide trustworthy and complete information when You register for the Service and keep that information updated to the best of Your ability. Trustworthy information helps You to take full benefit of the Service. You must take a due care to protect Your username and password against misuse by others and promptly notify EMPLOI about any misuse.

In the case where you no longer need our services, you are allowed to terminate Your registration by contacting EMPLOI user support or sending an email to info@emploi.co. By terminating your account, it means that You will no longer have access to the service. EMPLOI may terminate Your registration or restrict Your access to certain Service parts if we reasonably believe that You have breached the Terms.

EMPLOI is not responsible for removing or losing the data or the submitted Content to the Service. In the case where information or Content is removed from the Service by either You or EMPLOI, traces or copies may remain elsewhere.

What are the Dos and Don'ts?

You agree to:

Respect the privacy of others;
EMPLOI may, but has no obligation for
What about accessing and using the Content?