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A professional will to begin with go through your CV to understand your professional journey and angle then send you a questionnaire which will ask you questions about your career goals and experiences. However, a personal consultation will be necessary for us to really get an idea of how to best market you to employers, so we will schedule an IN-DEPTH phone interview with one of our Certified Resume Writers to go over your questionnaire answers and make sure we know everything needed to make you stand out! (This is just one of the ways we are different from other firms).We shall also be requesting for information we consider important that is missing from your CV. We will guide you in providing us with a career objective statement that is in line with your career goals but also with what most recruiters look out for especially in the line of finance and management.We will then prepare a draft resume for your review. Quality is always most important and our process typically takes 2 – 4 business days.

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The CV Editing charges vary depending on one's career level. Click CV editing costs for more information.


  1.  You will get access to the latest job vacancies in your industry and location
  2. You will access excellent professional CV review (which is FREE) and editing services
  3. You will get noticed by employers and recruiters through our Spotlight package
  4. You will get notified when a recruiter shows interest in you through our Pro package.
  5. We'll get you closer to that job through our Exclusive Placement package.
  6. You will have access to free and downloadable CV templates
  7. You will have your profile accessible to hundreds of employers
  8. You will have access to expert career advice



Emploi's philosophy is to create a single sourcing point for players, with enough tools to help them find each other.

At the core of our systems is a vacancy – job seeker matching engine powered by algorithms for job seeker assessment and ranking together with advanced recruitment process management tools.

One of the most interesting puzzles about the East African job market is the time it takes for an employer to fill a position, given the high unemployment rates in the region. In a mission to understand the puzzle and go beyond the easier narrative of “unemployable graduates”, we discovered the unintended reason behind the inability of employers and job seekers to find each other as quickly, efficiently and as affordably as possible.

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 First visit, create a profile as a job seeker.

Second, ensure that you verify your account in which you will be sent a verification link to your email.

Third, login to your account using the credentials and update your profile. Make sure you include your education records, work experience and skills.

Next, include your referees - employers check on the referee feedback received when shortlisting candidates.

Lastly, click onto the vacancies to apply.


  1. Entry Level = 8000


  1. Mid-Level = 12,000


  1. Management Level = 16,000


  1. Senior Management level = 20,000

For additional interview coaching we will charge a separate discounted fee of 1500

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Send us your CV we look at it and advise accordingly (CV Review)

We get in touch with you and have a one-on-one interview just to understand you professionally or find your career match. This will help when doing CV Editing process.

During this step, we use a questionnaire to help us grasp your abilities, interests, achieved skills, Career growth or path. We also get to know the kind of organizations that you are interested in. The client may come across a specific position that has been advertised and is within his interest. We ensure to tailor the CV and Cover letter to suit that specific position.

We later do interview coaching towards the specific position. We offer 2 interview coach session whereby we train you how tackle the. We ensure that you’re well equipped to land the job, and to impress your new employer from day one.

We periodically check in with you and get any update on new skills acquired, promotions or other goals you’ve achieved. This enables us to continue working with you as new opportunities may arise in the future. Together, we’ll continuously work to move your career forward towards a personally and professionally rewarding future.

Our prices are inclusive of the following services

  1. CV review
  2. Career Consultation
  3. Discounted CV editing
  4. 2 interview coaching session
  5. Jobseekers Featured Package for 3 months

For additional interview coaching we will charge a separate discounted fee of 1500

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The package costs KSH 159. You could also pay KSH 1749 for an annual subscription inclusive of a one month free offer.

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