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Organic Integrated Farms

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Kaduna, Nigeria



Efforts by the Government to reduce food imports, increase food availability and incomes from agriculture could put more pressure on land use through the growth of medium/large scale farms, and an expansion in area cultivated by smallholder farms across Nigeria. This could, in turn, create a situation of unregulated expansion of cultivable land under “conventional agriculture”, that could potentially result in:

  • Decline in the quality of land due to unsustainable land use practices under conventional agriculture.
  • Decline in available arable land per capita due to high population growth rate and increasing urbanisation
  • Further rise in the proportion of carbon that causes global warming, from the current 29% from conventional agriculture.

Thus, resulting in declining factor productivity and slow growth in agricultural sector output. 

Company Size: 2 - 50 (Startup)

Industry: NGO, Community & Social Devt

Location: Kaduna, Nigeria

Status: active

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