Imagine early years and elementary

Imagine early years and elementary

Imagine early years and elementary 5 vacancies

Abuja, Nigeria



By involving students with the interaction of learning materials. They relate the concept they study with everyday activities and enhance their knowledge and understanding. Students also activate their prior knowledge and build on existing conceptual knowledge frameworks. 

Students are actively involved and they like this method. It fosters active learning, and also retention and development of lifelong learning skills. It encourages self-directed learning by confronting students with problems and stimulates the development of deep learning.

Our learning activities are based on play – Play is the highest form of research and we let our children explore learning through play – they not only learn while playing, they develop a love for learning which is fundamental to lifelong success.

Emphasis to lifelong learning by developing in students the potential to determine their own goals, locate appropriate resources for learning and assume responsibility for what they need to know.

Company Size: 2 - 50 (Startup)

Industry: Education & Training

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Status: active

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