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We are supportive

We empower our colleagues, our community and the families we serve by actively encouraging an atmosphere of health and happiness. We approach our work with positivity and assume positive intentions from the Housing Up community. We carry out our mission with the hard work and contributions of our colleagues and supporters. We aim to ensure that everyone connected to Housing Up feels appreciated and respected.

We are collaborative

We work together to improve the well-being of the families we serve. We value sharing resources, building partnerships, solution-focused thinking and adaptability to changing circumstances.

We are a community

We believe the most vibrant communities are grounded in the diversity of backgrounds and opinions, and equitable opportunities for all. We strive to share our perspectives, listen to new points of view and be thoughtful, empathetic communicators.

We are mission-focused

We create opportunity for vulnerable DC families and all our actions serve this important goal. We use data to inform decisions and create clear policies that support our work. We leverage the strengths of our colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for families. We hold each other accountable on being knowledgeable about our work and how to best serve families.

We are leaders

We encourage our colleagues to harness their experience and passion to become leaders in our community. We do not accept mediocrity; instead, we work together to build a powerful, innovative organization.Watch our clients share their experiences with homelessness, and explain how Housing Up made a difference.

Company Size: 51 - 299 (SME)

Industry: Real Estate

Location: Washington DC, United States of America

Status: active

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