Useful job search techniques in a tough job market

Ernest Wanyonyi | 23rd March 2020

Job Search
Useful job search techniques in a tough job market

Useful job search techniques in a tough job market

Ernest Wanyonyi | 23rd March 2020

Job Search

Looking for work can be very time-consuming and difficult. Job search strategies are constantly evolving with our new economy which makes it essential that you keep up with the changes and adapt your techniques to ensure that you don’t get left behind! However, during the onset of the deadly Covid-19 pandemic you could:


1. DEFINE YOUR GOALS – What do you want to do and why?

If you don’t know the kind of job you want, how would you know where to look for it? A self-assessment will assist you in narrowing down your job search to 2-3 key industries. Ask yourself a few critical questions:

 What unique skills and attributes do you offer?

 What do you enjoy doing?

 What skills do you want to use at work?

 What is essential for you to enjoy work? Consider the opportunity for advancement, your need for flexibility and creative freedom, what work-life balance you want, and rewards (financial and other).

 What goals are realistic for you considering your education, skills, and experience?


2. RESEARCH YOUR OPTIONS – Locating the hidden job market

Once you have a sense of what work you want to do, research is necessary to determine where the employment opportunities are. These unlimited opportunities have been narrowed down for you at which is a platform for smart talent profiling and job matching.

 Asking key questions can narrow down your work search tremendously.

 What type of work fits with your answers from the above questions?

 Which businesses and organizations offer this type of work?

 What are these employers looking for in an employee?

 Who are the key people you need to network with?

Conduct your research by using the internet or reading a variety of newspapers, business reports and trade magazines. Look for specific labor market information (which companies are moving to town, which ones are expanding and which ones are merging).

Make it your goal to know what is happening in your community! From this information set employment-related goals and develop a job leads list.


3. CONTACT OPPORTUNITIES – Tapping into the hidden job market

When conducting your research on employment options you will begin to unravel the hidden job market. As over 85% of jobs are never advertised, this leaves a lot of employment opportunities to be discovered.

Employment experts agree networking is a significantly better way to secure work than sending resumes to advertised job postings! Networking can be done in a variety of ways, including joining professional job boards and asking for phone interviews with key decision-makers in your chosen field. When networking considers talking to:

 Family, friends, neighbors

 Teachers, coaches, mentors

 Past employers, co-workers, and peers

 Members of clubs, religious groups, and other organizations you belong


4. MARKETING – Make the most of your resume and cover letter!

Need a clear, concise CV that will market you in front of the employers?  At is where all experts are to ensure your CV stands out and gives a maximum impression to the recruiter. Request for CV Editing today and secure yourself a job of your dream.

Through this concise and well-explained resume, you will begin hearing about employment opportunities.

When you hear about an exciting opportunity don’t wait for them to advertise it – go speak to someone in the company. At this point, it is very important that you have the right ‘tools’ to demonstrate your interest. A well thought out and carefully worded cover letter and resume are imperative.


5. VOLUNTEERING – A proven stepping stone to paid employment

A key ingredient many students use to ensure a successful transition from school to work is volunteering. Through volunteering you have the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you gain in school, you acquire job-related skills and experience, you begin establishing a reputation in the community and you have the opportunity to meet key people. Volunteering is a proven stepping stone to paid employment.

Having a free account through EMPLOI entitles you to unlimited internship programs which in turn offer you a breakthrough to the paid work employment.

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