How to succeed in attracting, hiring and retaining just the best talents for your organization

Isaac Agumba | 8th May 2021

How to succeed in attracting, hiring and retaining just the best talents for your organization

How to succeed in attracting, hiring and retaining just the best talents for your organization

Isaac Agumba | 8th May 2021


How to succeed in attracting, hiring and retaining just the best talents for your organization

Having an employee leaving the team is always a terrible thing for both the company and the individual, regardless of the circumstances under which and/or reasons for which they are leaving.

It may even be harder if they were a long-serving and hard-to-replace employee. Saying goodbye and having to find a replacement, who you will have to start from scratch with may not always be easy and even financially viable for most employers.

It may be easier to just move on and find a replacement, but that may not always be the case. Such parting moments can be emotional; seeing a part of the team leaving what has always been their home (no matter what role they played or how long they’d been with the company for), to start or continue their career journeys elsewhere. It may even affect team cohesion, performance and eventually productivity.

Some employees are simply hard-to-replace. So much resources, time and effort must have been put to hire, interview, place, onboard, train and retain such an employee, and having to start all this over with their replacement may not always be the wisest choice for most hirers.

Why not just retain them then?

Unfortunately, sometimes employees and the best talents for that matter always need more than just financial motivation or hefty bonuses and promotions to lure them to stay.

What then do you then, as the human resources manager, do to convince and ensure your best talents and skills do not leave? What do you do to ensure you attract and retain just the best of the best and not just be spending a lot of time, effort and resources to train them, only to lose them to other companies (worse, to your direct competitors)?

  1. Practice and communicate good ethics, morals and corporate governance

Employees are attracted and are motivated to work for reputable companies with good values and moral standing on societal matters e.g. environmental awareness, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, ethics etc.

Practice and communicate your company values, mission and policies to all employees and encourage them towards observing such.

  1. Recognize and Reward them accordingly

Most employees will feel motivated when you notice their achievements and reward them, not just monetarily but sometimes immaterial rewards touch the most. This makes your employees feel valued and high in morale.

  1. Communication is key

Communicate with them through proper channels and lines of communication in order to have a deeper understanding of what their ambitions are and what drives them. This may then help you establish a personal touch with them and are thus likely to retain them for longer.

  1. Have clear performance indices and metrics

The employer should have clearly established goals and KPIs that are expected of their employees. You should, as an employer, establish clear metrics, get performance reports and feedback from what expect of your employees. Frequent feedback on their performance motivates employees to constantly improve themselves.

  1. Provide room for them to grow and learn

Acknowledge that your employees actually have lives outside your company, too. Many employees leave their organizations because they do not get enough opportunities to learn and to improve themselves on their other personal ambitions and careers. This helps you understand what drives and motivates them.

Allow your employees to improve themselves, grow and learn by coaching and training them at least once in a while.

  1. Monitor employee retention and turnover data

Find data on your company’s past employee retention and turnover rates, how long, on average, employees stay at your company for, etc. You can then track your employee retention by knowing how satisfied your employees are with their work and the organization. Conduct an employee satisfaction survey and know what problems your employees are facing at workplace and try to solve them.


To succeed in hiring and retaining just the best talents, always put yourself in the employee’s shoes. 

Find out what their greatest motivations, talents and hobbies are. Most employees will prefer an organization that offers them a better opportunity to thrive and grow their careers to just where they earn more, for instance. They need to feel valued and be gaining in terms of experience, skills and individual/personal growth.

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