How to Land the Best Candidate without Having to Meet Them Face to Face

Simon Gitau | 20th March 2020

How to Land the Best Candidate without Having to Meet Them Face to Face

How to Land the Best Candidate without Having to Meet Them Face to Face

Simon Gitau | 20th March 2020


As the employment environment is facing dynamics, employers are seemingly having a great challenge in landing the right candidates to fulfill their companies’ needs. There is a great shift in the sourcing and staffing part and most employers are finding it hard to adapt to these changes. A great number of employers still hang onto interactive sessions such as face to face interviews in order to try getting the best talents. But with the changing world of limited time, high rates of unemployment and the very current virus epidemic affecting the world, how can employers get the best bargain without having an on one meeting with candidates? How can they find the best fit without having to sift through a crowd? 

These are some of the efficient and effective ways to land the best candidates; ways that will give the true reflection of the candidate, especially at this time of social distancing in a bid to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.


Give them a problem to solve

This can be done remotely with no need for the candidate’s physical presence. The problem has to be tailored to the kind of role the individual is to take up. An expert in the field in your company can help design such a model and then engage the candidate via mail or the company’s website. These kinds of tests help in achieving two main things: one is the suitability of the candidate in handling the position’s underlying tasks and secondly, the demeanor of the candidate when faced with challenging tasks.


Give them a project to complete

Another viable option is to assign them a task with specified targets to achieve. This is more practical in technical jobs such as marketing, graphic design, IT, research and project management among others. The clearly set targets will help the employer to determine whether the potential candidate is up for the task. It also helps in filtering out those who may turn out to be let-down in the long run


Take them out of the “Interview Zone”

Interviews are formal. The official nature of the face to face interview may not really reveal the true persona of the candidate. Putting them in a more relaxed zone will help the employer get to learn the true picture of the candidate. Engaging them in a casual phone interview or video conference with a general topic of discussion other than “Tell us about you” will definitely do the magic. Invite them to your social media chats and making them feel part of the team can help gauge their fitness into your organization.


Get feedback from their peers

People normally let loose when they are with people they feel comfortable hanging out with. As an employer, once you identify a potential candidate, it might be prudent to approach their peers and get feedback from them. Close friends or immediate colleagues will help you as an employer to get reliable and useful information about the candidate. However, you also have to tread carefully here. Some close acquaintances might give false information in favor or otherwise.


Administer Psychometric Tests

Behavioral and IQ tests are also a great way to land a perfect match for the vacancy. These tests help to unleash a candidate’s decision-making skills and reasoning capacity and therefore help the employer in getting a good candidate based on their score on these tests. But don’t stop there! Anyone can score highly in these tests. Instead, you can also follow up with a structured test that can help in determining the candidate’s fit into the company’s culture and core values.


Listen to them talk about something that’s important to them

You may be wondering how this can be made possible… just login to their social media accounts and see what they frequently talk about. On Linkedin, you can get to know what they value most about their careers. On Facebook, people tend to share much about their families and life experiences, what they love doing and how they perceive their environment and other general issues. Twitter is more of how they contribute to trending matters locally and globally. As for Instagram, well, that is majorly for fashion and image and you may not have to dwell on that. Just so you know, the most advanced intelligence agencies in the world like FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard and Mossad of Israel normally use these techniques in profiling people for security purposes.

Job platforms can also be very handy in doing these services on your behalf. You will end up saving crucial time by contracting them to get the best candidates for you.


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