Find the Right Organizational Culture for you.

Ernest Wanyonyi | 18th February 2020

Find the Right Organizational Culture for you.

Find the Right Organizational Culture for you.

Ernest Wanyonyi | 18th February 2020


One of the greatest considerations in your job search after requirements and pay is organizational culture. Organizational culture refers to the “the philosophy, values, behavior, dress codes, etc., that together constitute the unique style and policies of a company.” Organizational culture is reflected in the way employees treat each other, the way they get things done and the physical working environment. It can have a profound impact on your level of job satisfaction.


While job hunting it is important to keep an eye for cultural clues—signs that indicate what it might be like to work at a given company; especially during the on-site interview where you are likely to gather the most information about the organizational culture. These factors will help you make the most of your online and real-world research:

  1. The people

An organization is made up of people with different personalities depending on their IQ and EQ.

When you visit an office, look around at the people you pass by on the way to your interview. Notice how they are dressed and what their demeanor is like. Do they look relaxed or stressed out? When it’s your turn to ask questions in the interview, here are some you can use:

  • How do you get things done as a team?
  • Why do you like working here?
  • What do you do when conflicts arise:
  • What should be improved here?

Such kinds of questions tell a lot about the company’s culture.

As your interviewer answers, look out for emotional responses such as excitement or discomfort.


Recently, I attended an interview and a larger portion was my knowledge about problem-solving skills rather than my skills as a chef. It felt like it was all about people with titles sitting on their little fiefdoms. I felt it was not suitable for me, I prefer a flat organizational culture to hierarchical culture.

Every culture has its pros and cons, therefore not every culture will appeal to all. Ultimately; you ought to be secure in your own values.

  1. The Working Environment

As you look around the office, notice the break areas. Are they clean? Does the company offer coffee, tea, drinks, and free food? Does it look like the common areas are used? Free food is a perk.

Ask about what the employees do when they need to take a break and rewind. The answers will give you a clue about the company’s culture. I once worked in a building near Game Park and would go out for a walk in the afternoon and see its employees playing volleyball or soccer on the lawn. At another company where I worked the accountants would meet for Ping-Pong matches in the afternoon.


The best companies know that creativity is inspired by physical activity, and they encourage responsible break time. If you’re the sort of person who takes pride in doing a good job and satisfying customers, some organizational cultures may be too laid back for you.

As you consider different organizational cultures, every job may not be fit for you. This solely depends on having a better sense of what appeals to you.

We are Emploi and we will help you identify the right organizational culture for you by mainly conducting Psychometric tests. These tests help your skills, knowledge, and personality.

Please visit and do the test which will help propel you to the right company culture.


All the Best!!!

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