Emploi’s annual CV writing masterclass- and this time it’s online!

Ernest Wanyonyi | 8th April 2020

CV Writing
Emploi’s annual CV writing masterclass- and this time it’s online!

Emploi’s annual CV writing masterclass- and this time it’s online!

Ernest Wanyonyi | 8th April 2020

CV Writing


Last year, for those that remember, we ran a CV masterclass that was attended by over 60 participants. Post the session, which included personal CV reviews, coaching and targeted job search guidance- more than 35% of the participants who made follow through on the process and crafted a new CV with the new guidelines landed an interview within 2 months.


So this year, in the midst of the ravaging Corona Pandemic we had a thought on running a series of events that would benefit many of our jobseekers who have either had or will have their jobs impacted post the pandemic as a result of the predicted global economic recession. The activities included a FREE CV review for all that are interested(this is still ongoing) and an information series that would break down useful job-related Covid 19 Questions and just keep you in the know of the best mitigation you can engage at a personal level to stay afloat.


What I love about our CV reviews is that it gives us a chance to look at a candidate not as an examinee but with the compassion of a doctor to a patient- so no judging. Just understanding and willingness to help. This, unfortunately, doesn’t happen when recruiters are in a rush to fill a position.

So, what did we pick from our current CV Review exercise? A LOT! You would think that as a jobseeker population we are past some CV NO-NO’s, for instance, we would all know by now the supreme CV Law of  “thou shall not send a blank or nearly blank CV”, because hey, the purpose of a CV is to detail your competency right? Behold:

Anyway, as I said up there, the CV reviews help us understand that even what we call basic or ancient protocol may still be unheard by some of us. And we saw basic mistakes even in senior-level managers. Who can blame anyone anyway? The internet is sometimes a rabbit hole for information seekers. And you can easily get confused with one CV Blogger telling you to do one thing and the other telling the opposite. Include referees. Don’t include referees. Include a career objective. Don’t include a career objective. Include primary and secondary education- Oh, big mistake. Don’t do that!

But we know why internet information conflicts and sometimes confuse. First of all- context. You will be surprised CV practices aren’t uniform across borders. I have seen countries where CVs aren’t supposed to have referees. And it makes sense- there is nothing you need to do with them at the shortlisting stage. But also locally, I have worked with HR professionals that would disqualify you in an instant if your CV didn’t have referees. Well, because they believe you are sloppy and overlooking something as basic as a referee just proves that. Also, they think you may be trying to hide something from your past. Which is a valid concern? So anyway, should you start a war with Local HRs for doing that? Should you kick up a twitter storm to have them incinerated by the mighty and formidable KOT for not following international standards of CV writing, or for being trivial? Well, you can do that, but I don’t think it will move you a step closer to landing that paycheck, will it now? The easier and more productive thing, you can dazzle them through a killer CV, Meet their expectations and even balance other countries' expectations- that is if you are one keen on looking beyond borders for a job. And we will show you just how to walk that thin rope in the upcoming Online CV Masterclass designed to address all the simple mistakes we picked from the CV Review exercise.


The main learning points of the masterclass will include:

  1. Addressing simple CV Mistakes picked during the CV review exercise. If you still want your CV reviewed so that you too get specific feedback during the masterclass submit your CV HERE
  2. Creating a CV that transcends Borders and continents.
  3. Cover letters- The simple yet not so simple art of crafting a cover letter that will actually get read. You would be surprised by the number of cover letters that aren’t read. You will also be surprised by the number of candidates who are successful just because of a catchy cover letter.
  4. Tools you need to have a productive job search during the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, believe it or not, there are people landing jobs in the midst of all this madness. Well, is it magic? No. Just the right tools that will squeeze you through the cracks in the massive employment barriers that have been put up.
  5. Finally, how to use the EMPLOI #informationseries to solidify your economic and even mental status during and even after this pandemic.

Stay tuned as we finalize on the preparations and send details on registration your way.

Expect more information on our subsequent blogs and articles.




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