After COVID-19, What Next in the Labour Environment?

Tom Kamaliki | 11th May 2020

After COVID-19, What Next in the Labour Environment?

After COVID-19, What Next in the Labour Environment?

Tom Kamaliki | 11th May 2020


To all employees in the labor market,

Peace be with you and glad you will find this article a reality that may come at one point.

In my HR practice, I have always held high hopes but with a traditional African horn placed in safe custody, ready to reach out to it and blow it out loudly, sending a signal that all may not be well after all; either in bad faith or otherwise. 

If there is anyone who has woken up during this COVID-19 pandemic is the employer. What they thought is not possible has widely opened their eyes- working with a skeleton full-time staff in core business areas. Are you one of them?

There is going to be a great paradigm shift in the employment pattern after COVID-19. I foresee a situation where, other than manufacturing industries, employers are going to adopt the following:

1.     Save on office rent by shifting to working from home. It is likely to be a permanent strategy to most service industries like the NGO sector

2.     There will be a shift from office meetings to virtue meetings, now that zoom conferencing seems to have taken over effectively in the recent past. Now those strategic planning meetings normally held in those five-star hotels are gone. Do we foresee this?

3.     Most positions are likely to be hired on a part-time or independent contracting basis, hence saving on payroll and benefits related costs such as PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, medical, pension, Occupational Health & Safety. Are we ready for this?

This is my HR prophecy after COVID-19.  Share your reactions

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