Ace Your Competency Based Interview

Emploi Administrator | 17th December 2019

Career Development
Ace Your Competency Based Interview

Ace Your Competency Based Interview

Emploi Administrator | 17th December 2019

Career Development

nowadays, employers have shifted from the normalcy of open-ended questions to competency-based interviews or chat-based interviews.

Competency-based interviews predict a candidate’s future performance. Essentially, a series of behavioral questions, the interviewer will ask you to describe a situation that demonstrates your abilities that will be integral to the role you’re interviewing for.

So today let us explore the Key competency-based questions:

  • Individual competencies

These refer to your personal attributes; your decisiveness, tenacity, knowledge, independence, risk-taking and personal integrity.

A typical question: Tell me about a time when your work or an idea was challenged.

  • Managerial competencies

These refer to your ability to take charge of other people; leadership, empowerment, strategic thinking, corporate sensitivity, project management, and managerial control.

A typical question: Tell me about a time you led a group to achieve an objective.

  • Analytical competencies

Your decision-making abilities; innovation, analytical skills, problem-solving, practical learning and attention to detail

A typical question: Tell me about a time when you identified a new approach to a problem.

  • Interpersonal competencies

Social competence. Many workplaces function on the basis of project teams and the more collaborative they are, the more likely they are to thrive.

A typical question: Describe a situation where you got people to work together.

  • Motivational competencies

The things that drive you; resilience, motivation, result orientation, initiative and quality focus.

A typical question: When did you work the hardest and feel the greatest sense of achievement?

So then how do you answer these kinds of questions?

Answers to competency-based questions are very structured, so we recommend the STAR technique, describing:

  • The Situation,
  • The Task required as a result,
  • The Action you took and
  • The result of that action.

Having a technique for answering interview questions is important. However, we believe that you can gain further benefits through a deeper understanding of what is required of you; along with examples of possible questions you may be asked.

Always remember, to be yourself when answering competency questions; use real-life examples and relate them to your experience, how you reacted or how it made you feel. These are not trick questions; they’re designed to create the best match between an individual and an organization. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll quickly realize that competency-based interviews represent an unprecedented opportunity to describe some of your finer moments to a captive audience.

All the best as you ace your competency-based interview.


By Jane Daniel,


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