A Review of Government Measures to Combat Covid-19

Kevin Okwaro | 31st March 2020

Career Development
A Review of Government Measures to Combat Covid-19

A Review of Government Measures to Combat Covid-19

Kevin Okwaro | 31st March 2020

Career Development



Hi Guys!


So just today the total number of Covid-19 cases has hit the 50 mark. I know, everyone is talking about this already and we don't want to contribute to all the voices already doing that- Information overload, Hello!


But hey, we just realized that amid all the narratives flying around, a sober analysis of this situation and the potential impact to employment has been taking a bit of a backseat- totally understandable, people are more concerned about their health.


So, as part of our weekly information series- which starts today- we take a tour of the employment landscape amid Covid-19 and see what we can help our users digest in the comforts of their home.


So, we start with a look at some of the measures rolled out by the government so far and what they mean to you. And these are our top 10 favourites:



100% tax relief to persons earning a gross monthly income of up to 24000/=.


This is our absolute favourite!

This measure will ensure people earning below Ksh. 24,000 per month take home almost all their salary, save for NHIF & NSSF deductions.

You all can now save for medical emergencies and treatment. Also, buy the masks and sanitizers to just boost your protection out here.


Temporary suspension of CRB to any person, micro and small-medium enterprises effective 1st April 2020


Watu wa Fuliza  mpo! Lol.

But on a serious note, this is awesome for a small business which may absolutely need loans to stay afloat and to avoid staff layoffs. Also, they too can be able to afford savings for medical emergencies and equipment.


Reduction of VAT from 16%-14% effective 1st April 2020


This move frees companies, wholesale and retail enterprises of tax liabilities to a lesser extent as before. This might consequently lead to the price reduction of commodities & services that are much needed during this time of tragedy.


Voluntary pay-cuts by the officials in the Executive

The President and his deputy offered to take pay-cuts of 80%, 30% for the Cabinet Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries and 20% for the Principal Secretaries. This initiative will help free up money in the top echelons to help combat the virus.

Awesome initiative. Display of true leadership there. Maybe more senior public servants could volunteer? MPs? MCA's maybe? We'll let you think about it.


Resident tax relief of 5%


This move will benefit commercial and residential property owners. This will consequently help trigger lease & rent waivers for tenants (Father Lord may this come to pass!).


Recruitment of additional health workers by KITI


The COVID-19 pandemic has currently overwhelmed medical staff in New York (the new epicentre of the virus), Italy and Spain and medical facilities are running just as short of expectations. This measure will, therefore, help sustain the existent medical apparatus even if the epidemic becomes overwhelming.


Reduction of the income tax rate from 30% to 25%


The income tax relief will greatly benefit individuals and households alike by ensuring that an additional 5% income is available for sustenance during this period. Individuals will also be left with funds to enable them to access medical care and protective equipment.


Reduction of the turnover tax rate from 3% to 1% for the micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


This relief will save SMEs from total collapse which many businesses are bound to experience due to lockdowns & curfews


Individuals working in the public sector who are 50 and above and serving job group F to take leave or work from home


This move is prudent to increase the life expectancy of the elderly and keep them safe from the virus as a vulnerable population.


And we re-iterate- those who can- let's social distance especially from the elderly. Protect our parents and grandparents first.


The Central Bank of Kenya has moved to lower interest rates and the lending rates of commercial banks


This move will enable borrowers to get loans to boost their businesses and improve the liquidity of the economy. The SMEs might collapse due to the economic lockdown and consequently lack of money to boost their operations.



These measures are well-timed but I think that's just a brick on the wall. More needs to be done and fast before the virus takes a full toll on us like it did New York and Italy. Just to name one, it would be prudent for parliament to reconvene & pass a COVID-19 Emergency Bill that will give guidelines for curfews & lockdowns, allocate funds for emergency rations for the whole country & manufacturing of protection equipment & testing kits. For instance, the way the USA has tasked car manufacturers like General Motors to produce ventilators for hospitals.


And every last one of us has a part to play. What are we as Emploi doing? We have also taken measures to help you cope during this moment of global tragedy. Among our initiatives are:


  1. Free job postings for any organization involved in the fight against COVID-19. Do you know any? Write to us at freepostings@emploi.co
  2. We are offering Free CV Reviews for our candidates! Yes- anyone interested please sign up here.
  3. We have Slashed CV Editing prices by 50%- I mean this is the time to really take stock of your career journey. Otherwise, the rest of the time we are all busy applying, interviewing, implementing and just running all over the place to get a moment to really understand ourselves professionally and effectively communicate the same in a CV. So yes, visit this link for more CV editing info.
  4. Unveiling The Weekly Information Series- When do you expect to resume work? Will you still keep your job? How do you skill and re-skill for the post-Covid-19 future? Stay tuned. Here we will not panic- we can't cry over spilt milk right- but we will try to be sober, analyze the right information and prepare ourselves for the light at the end of this tunnel. So do stay tuned.
  5. We have a lot of exciting stuff planned. We will be communicating this in the course of the next few days.



While at home, you could reach us and get the latest job vacancies near you, get your cv edited, recruit staff to fill positions at your company and advertise the latest job vacancies at your company at www.emploi.co.


Otherwise? Stay home, guys. Sanitize regularly and report in case of symptoms. From my home to yours, happy quarantine!

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