4 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand without Breaking the Bank

Emploi Administrator | 13th December 2019

4 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand without Breaking the Bank

4 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand without Breaking the Bank

Emploi Administrator | 13th December 2019


These days, the term “employer branding” gets bandied about a lot. But what does it mean? Like consumer branding, which builds reputation and recognition for products, employer branding is about doing the same for your workplace. However, rather than attract customers, the goal is to attract your future employees.

Big firms spend millions of dollars on their employer brands. They hire dedicated teams of HR professionals to make and share content about their cultures. They also highlight information about their perks and programs through multiple channels, including social media, video, blogs and third-party sites.

But here’s the truth: even if you don’t have the budget for a dedicated employer brand specialist, the tools and techniques these professionals use are available to all, regardless of size. Nobody has a monopoly on telling compelling stories, educating prospective talent or building positive associations.

As a small business, you put out fires and conquer challenges every day. And hiring the best talent is no exception. After all, it’s tough to compete against big-name employers who have name recognition—not to mention bigger budgets.

Hold on there! That line of thinking ignores the big advantages that small companies have in attracting talent. No matter the size, every company has a unique story to tell. Use yours to create a compelling employer branding message that will draw talent in. For SMBs, here is how to use your unique qualities and strengths to draw the best talent:

1.        Tell the Story Behind your Employer Brand

The biggest issue in competing with larger companies isn’t trying to lure candidates away from them, but the simple fact that awareness of their brand is strong.

Your firm’s small size however plays to your advantage because you can be more nimble than the big guys. In fact, you can attract candidates in a lot of creative ways large companies can’t because their brand is so rigid.

How can you strengthen your employer brand? Try a few of the following strategies and keep track of the response:

  • Publish blog posts on sites such as medium.com that attract a wide audience
  • Submit your story to online sites such as Entrepreneur
  • Speak at local industry and business events
  • Mentor others in your industry circles to establish yourself as a thought leader

All or even a few of these steps will enable you to highlight your company culture , mission, and vision to a larger audience—and attract the interest of people who might be interested in working for you.

2.      Tout your Company’s Unique Benefits

Virgin CEO Richard Branson believes in the power of lists to achieve important goals. Take his cue and make a list of the things that make your company special. What are the top reasons people should want to work with you?

“People apply for jobs, but stay for culture,” says Jodie Shaw, chief marketing officer at The Alternative Board, a peer advisory board service that helps provide advice to small businesses. Fortunately “culture” doesn’t have to come at a big cost. Big companies may be able to outspend you on fancy cafeterias and onsite day care, but small companies can also offer flexible schedules and opportunities for growth.

3.      Emphasize the direct impact that employees can have on your business

For some people, big firms are just too big. One of the most attractive things about working for an SMB is the direct impact an individual can have upon the organization.

At smaller firms you can directly set the tone for the workday and have the power to work closely together with others and get things done.  You create the culture in a way that feels real and immediate, and in a world where people are constantly bombarded by slick marketing campaigns, this is a powerful advantage. You can’t buy this kind of authenticity.

Feature actual employees on your company’s website and social media pages instead of stock photos of models. Encourage team members to leave reviews on company pages. If the content is authentic, your voice will shine through and help you attract people who are a great culture fit.

4.      Target your Recruiting Efforts

As you write your job description, think about the person you’re looking to attract. Create a profile of the types of candidates who would be the ideal fit for you, both in the open role and in the company as a whole.

Your candidate profile could include a rough outline of the skills, education and experience that a person would need to succeed in the position, as well as the personality traits that would help them fit in your culture.

Job boards such as Emploi make it easy to distribute your job across social media as well. With a n Emploi Job Ad you can reach the right people with precision targeting. As your promote your job through your own social channels, use hashtags such as #hiring, #nowhiring or #joblisting as well as tags common in your industry to target people who looking for jobs at companies like yours.

Apply this same mindset to your offline thinking too. Where would the people who are likely to succeed at your company likely to congregate? If you’re looking for specific skills, consider advertising at colleges that specialize in that skill to nab new graduates. You may want to join local industry groups to find people who are interested in the kind of work you do.

Just like with recruiting in more established companies, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. And we understand, given the number of things a small business owner has to handle on day today basis, sometimes this is much easier said that done. But luckily, with talent expert firms like Emploi you don’t have to bear it all. Reach out and find out how we can support you in the journey to build a better employer brand, and attract and retain better talent.



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